This ist what Köhlerküsse Confiserie does

manufacturing of Köhlerküsse

We produce daily fresh Köhlerküsse.

In total 16 different flavours in boxes for 15, 25 or 60 pieces for our factory shop every day.



In addition to out delicious Köhlerküse we produce shells and wonder wafers.


With chocolate covered gummy bears and wafer Biskuits are  new products from the last few years.


We are producing 27 different flavours for the special sweet wholesalers, for market traders and showmen

in boxes of 100, 60 and 36 pieces.



Köhlerküsse Confiserie 

We manufacture fine pralines, chocolates and chocolate figures.



Köhlerküsse Confiserie - advertisement with taste

We organise your sweet mailings and presents.. Doesn't matter before christmas or through the whole year.


This is what Eis-Köhler does

Production of ice cream powder

soft-icepowder, Sprint-Pulver, binding agents and so one


wholesale for ice cream business and cafes

With „Eis-Köhler“ have been selling more than 3000 articles for over 70 years.


We deliver to our customers with own trucks.


wholesale for ice cream machines and coffee machines

We sell machines for ice cream, cream pasteurisierter and coffee


Production of ice cream

Sine 1999 we produce high quality ice cream.

At the beginning to deliver to small ice cream business ore ice cream busses later for our own

ice cream business on our factory area.

The ice cream business ist daily open from March to October.