egg protein

The creamy foam of the Köhlerküsse consists mainly of egg protein in chrystal or powder form.

We get our egg protein from the European Union.

It is from eggs produced in barn. 

storage conditions Köhlerküsse

Köhlerküsse don't contain any humectants.

Beause of this the contained water evaporates by the time and the foam is getting harder and harder.


The best storage conditions are:

  • room temperature of 10 to 15 Grad Celsius and
  • 60 - 70 % relative humidity

Don't store Köhlerküsse in a fridge or a cold storage, because humidy will evaporate in shortest time!


Where you can buy und transport

It is not possible to send a chocolate kiss by parcel service. If the packages falls slightly on the ground

the chocolate kisses will be broken. 

Because of this we do not have a webshop. Our products are available

  • at our factory shop
  • in a some Transgourtmet markets in our area,
  • in a some EDEKA markets in our area,
  • in a some REWE markets in our area,
  • in stands with sweets on Christmas markets, on fairs and festivals and in shopping malls.

Transport is only possible by forwarding agencies onto a pallet.