80 years Köhler Küsse

Philipp A.N. Köhler was a small but fine sweets manufacturer.

In 1933 everything startet with cones and powder for ice cream. 20 years later the manufacturing of the Köhlerküsse started.


This was the start of an succesful story. Köhlerküsse are a sweet promise for quality, freshness and passion.

Class not mass this is our maxime.

We could save the charm of a family leaded company.  We are a little bit proud of it.

In the past and today quality is our first place.

Still today we are producing with the original recipes.


We feel that we should continue this tradition.

To our 80 anniversary we made a Chronic of the company.

We like to invite you to am small time travel of 80 years Köhler Küsse.


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